Soy Story

Soy Story_2

You may or may not have noticed that none of my recipes include soy.  It’s an ongoing debate; How does it affect hormones?  The research is mixed, but from my personal experiences, I feel that I can safely say it is incredibly unique to the individual!  

Let me start at the beginning.  Hormones aside, I am actually allergic to soy.  Food allergies have been a big part of my life ever since I was a kid.  The weekly allergy shots at the doctor’s office, emergency trips to the hospital, rashes, hives, you name it.  I have a wide variety of reactions depending on the allergen, but with soy it is severe nausea. I eat tofu and I vomit shortly afterward.

However, the times that I have managed to ingest a slight bit of soy and not vomit, I have absolutely noticed that it affects my hormones.  The giveaway? Cystic acne. There is a very particular type of pimple that is hormonal versus comedonal. You acne sufferers out there know what I’m talking about!  They’re deep, and they linger for months on the lower half of your face. 

Soy Story

If you’re saying, “That doesn’t happen to me!”, then great! I’m jealous.  The truth is, from both the studies I’ve read alongside personal discussions, some people get along with soy and others don’t.

Like many foods, it comes down to your particular genetic makeup, hormone levels, and your food intolerances.  One of my biggest mottos when it comes to eating “healthy” is eating what is right for you and you alone. Just because your favorite food blogger cooks with soy (or sub in any food here), that doesn’t mean you have to.  The only way to know is through your own trial and error.  If a food has a negative effect on you, you can’t feel pressured to follow the current wellness trends.  Your health is too important.

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